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Flu Shots


Flu shots

We highly encourage all of our patients six months of age and older to receive their annual influenza vaccination at our office. During our deadly COVID-19 pandemic, it is especially important to receive your vaccine this fall in order to reduce your risk of this serious respiratory tract infection. It may be difficult to distinguish respiratory symptoms due to COVID-19 versus influenza and treatment is only available for influenza in the first few days of infection. Even if you have never had a flu shot in the past this would be the best year to receive one.

It is safe and while not perfectly effective, it is your best protection from influenza during these very uncertain times. As your risk of complications due to influenza increases with age, we provide three separate age specific doses to our patients. Patients between six months and 50 will receive Fluzone. Patients between 50 and 65 and those with egg allergy will receive Flublok. Patients 65 and over will receive Fluzone high-dose. These age adjusted doses have been proven to significantly reduce your risk of contracting influenza, compared with standard dosing.

We will be administering influenza vaccines to all our patients by appointment only, beginning in early September. Please call our office and schedule your visit. On arrival at our office please call us to let us know you have arrived. Our staff will come out and administer your vaccine while you’re seated in your car. All flu shots are covered benefits of your health insurance.