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Advanced Care Planning Specialist

Gold River Family Medicine

Board-Certified Family Practice Physicians located in Gold River, CA

Many conditions and life events can render you unable to make choices about your care, placing the burden of hard decisions on those closest to you. At Gold River Family Medicine in Gold River, California, Warren Brandle MD, MS, FAAFP, Jill Scully PA-C, and their team offer advanced care planning. With an advanced care planning directive, you have the final say regarding relevant medical and end-of-life decisions. To start your plan, call Gold River Family Medicine or book an appointment online today.

Advanced Care Planning Q&A

What is advanced care planning?

Advanced care planning involves making preparations and critical decisions in advance of any serious health conditions or injuries that would require them. Medical emergencies can come without warning and leave you unable to make vital decisions for yourself. 

With advanced care planning, you can be sure that you make your own medical decisions in a crisis, even if the situation affects your physical or cognitive abilities.  At Gold River Family Medicine, your provider can help you:

  • Learn about various treatments needed in a crisis
  • Decide which treatments you’re willing to get
  • Decide which treatments to forgo
  • Put your health care choices into writing
  • Apply your values and beliefs to your decisions
  • Choose a surrogate decision-maker for unforeseen circumstances

Your provider helps you review important decisions, like whether you want someone to resuscitate you under certain circumstances. Making these decisions beforehand takes the pressure off your loved ones in the event of a crisis that disables you.

What are the benefits of advanced care planning?

Advanced care planning provides you and your loved ones with several benefits. It’s vital to consider advanced care planning because:

  • Your loved ones won’t have to make difficult decisions
  • You have the final say in choices related to your health
  • You’ll have less anxiety surrounding a potential medical crisis 
  • Your providers will have less stress in making decisions related to your care

In many cases, advanced care planning helps you choose to leave on your own terms. Your provider at Gold River Family Medicine helps you lay out your beliefs and preferences on paper, so others will know what to do if there is a crisis. In most cases, advanced care planning eases stress and anxiety for the patient, their family, and health care providers. 

Who should consider advanced care planning?

Some people mistakenly believe that advanced care planning is only essential for those who are aging or have life-threatening conditions. However, this isn’t the case. You can benefit from advanced care planning regardless of your age or level of health. 

Many health crises and conditions that leave you unable to make choices on your own develop suddenly or are impossible to predict. Advanced care planning prepares you and your loved ones for unforeseeable events. This is especially important if your loved ones depend on you for their care. 

If you’re unsure whether or not to consider advanced care planning, you can ask your provider at Gold River Family Medicine questions and voice any concerns about the process. They make the process as simple as possible for you and your family.

If you’re considering advanced care planning for yourself or a loved one, call Gold River Family Medicine or book your visit online today.